Natural Healthy Nutrition

Unfortunately, in today's modern world it is virtually impossible for us to obtain the correct amount of vitamins and minerals we need, just from our diet. It would be great if we could all get the nutrients that our bodies require from natural fresh and healthy food sources -

Healthy Fruit and Vegetables

However, because man has been farming the soils of our planet for thousands of years; today's fields have been over farmed. This has caused the problem of vitamin and mineral depletion of much of the earth's farm land. Because of this, a lot of the food we grow and eat, often does not contain sufficient amounts of the nutrients that our bodies need to function efficiently any more. It is for this reason that people who are aware of this nutrient problem, and who wish their bodies to have complete nutrition, should be supplementing their diets, whenever there is a shortfall in our nutrition. There is also a difference in the 'absorbability', the degree to which our bodies can actually absorb some vitamins. There will be frequent and regular articles that will go into much more depth about both vitamins and minerals, and their functions within our bodies, posted in this web site: and more on fat soluble vitamins at a later date.

About Minerals

The seven main dietary chemical elements, which used to be referred to as minerals, that are required by our bodies, are calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sulfur, sodium, chlorine and magnesium. There are other very important "trace elements", that are necessary to sustain human life, these are iron, cobalt, copper, zinc, molybdenum, iodine, bromine and selenium.

The above chemical elements are all needed for the correct composition of body fluids, and for the manufacture and formation of blood and bone. They are also needed for the the maintenance, and the functions of, every nerve in our body; also for the regulation of muscle tone. To give you an example, without a supply of the correct minerals, the muscles of our hearts would not work properly, as our cardiovascular systems also depend on a regular supply of the minerals it needs to keep going.

In a similar way to some of the vitamins; minerals act as co-enzymes: they are 'little helpers', helping our bodies to perform the myriad biochemical reactions necessary for sustaining life. All enzyme activities within our bodies involve minerals, of one sort or another, as they are essential for the correct utilization of vitamins and other nutrients. All bodily functions, including our energy production, growth and healing etc. These are all dependent on the extremely complex synergistic biochemical relationship that exists between minerals and vitamins within our bodies. As with the vitamins we need, there will be regular frequent and up to date articles containing more 'in depth' information' about the minerals our bodies need. It's a little known fact that every living cell on this planet depends completely, utterly and absolutely, on minerals for its proper structure and functionality.