Does Your Partner Ask For Low-T Treatment?

TV commercials and ads touting the benefits of testosterone for human races with "Low T" or low testosterone have many men and their ddp yoga partners wondering if they could utilize a boost of testosterone, read DDP Yoga. But new research about testosterone treatment have experts wondering if the benefits live up to the hype and outweigh the perils

What is Low T?

Testosterone is the most important male sex hormone and helps the body produce and support male features and parts, such as sexual activity, body hair and muscular tissue volume.

Men's testosterone levels go down naturally with age. Only some human beings may experience low testosterone for other causes, such as a genetic term that causes their testes to stop producing testosterone or chemotherapy.

Low testosterone can be named by a blood examination in a doctor's office. Nonetheless, the definition of "low testosterone" is pretty controversial. In general, testosterone levels less than 250mg/DL are considered low, and levels between 250 and 350 ng/DL are are considered borderline low. A physician will usually block out for prostate cancer with a PSA test, as well as check red blood cell counts with a hematocrit before recommending treatment for low testosterone.

Treatment with testosterone may be urged for adult males who experience low degrees of testosterone in their ancestry as well as symptoms caused by their shape.

New Risks of Testosterone Therapy

Testosterone therapy has not been okayed by the FDA to treat age-associated symptoms of low testosterone or the age-related fall in testosterone. Testosterone therapy is only sanctioned forutilization in human races who suffer low testosterone due to an underlying medical condition.